Common Diagnoses


Think Again Speak Again Therapy has licensed, and certified Neuro-Specializing Speech-Language Pathologists, providing research-based services with tried and true corrective techniques to overcome:   

•Mild to Traumatic Brain Injury

• Aphasia (Brocas, Wernicke’s, Conductive, Mixed, Global, Transcortical, Expressive, Receptive, Anomic, all types)

• Brain Injury Rehabilitation

• Stroke/Cardiovascular Accident (CVA)

• Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

•Chronic Concussions and sports related injuries

• Brain Tumor

• Neurological Disorders

• Seizures

• Dysarthria

• Apraxia

• Social Skills/Pragmatics

•Alzheimer’s and Dementia Management

• Cancer (brain, ear, nose, and/or throat)

•Swallowing Difficulty and Disorders

• Feeding Complications

• Hearing Loss

• Voice

• Cognitive Therapy  (Attention, Orientation, Memory, Organization, Mental Flexibility, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Complex Computational Skills, Visual-Spatial Skills, Reading Comprehension, Auditory Comprehension, Receptive Language, Written Language, and Safety Awareness)

• Academic Assistance

• Vocational Assistance

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