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Think Again Speak Again Therapy
by Madequest Services

Here’s to Brain Health for all.  

  1.  Have you or a loved one noticed a decline in your memory?
  2. Need coffee to function?
  3. Need to sharpen your brain health to maintain or enhance your professional or interpersonal performance?
  4. Current or former athlete needing to sustain your ability to continue your financial earning potential?
  5. Does a loved one need assistance communicating at an age appropriate level?


We specialize in Brain Injuries:

  1.  Have you or a loved one ever had a head injury or stroke?
  2. Discharged from the hospital with little or no therapy?
  3. Experiencing occupational, academic, or social difficulty or differences after a head injury?
  4. Not sure if your symptoms are related to your head injury? 


We can provide the support, information, testing, and/or treatment, you need. Located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Do not wait. Email us at for a consultation today.


 Let’s Think Again and Speak Again together.

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Think Again Speak Again Therapy has the industry’s top experienced, licensed, and certified NeuroSpeech-Language Pathologist, specializing in research-based services and tried and true corrective techniques to overcome (not limited to):   


•Mild to Traumatic Brain Injury

• Aphasia (Brocas, Wernicke’s, Conductive, Mixed, Global, Transcortical, Expressive, Receptive, Anomic, all types)

• Brain Injury Rehabilitation

• Stroke/Cardiovascular Accident (CVA)

• Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

•Chronic Concussions and sports related injuries

• Brain Tumor

Creative infographics left and right brain function ideas on bac (Duplicate) (Duplicate)

• Seizures

• Neurological Disorders

• Apraxia

• Dysarthria

• Social Skills/Pragmatics

•Alzheimer’s and Dementia Management

• Cancer (brain, ear, nose, and/or throat)

•Swallowing Difficulty and Disorders

• Feeding Complications

• Hearing Loss

• Voice

• Cognitive Therapy consisting of testing sharping Attention, Orientation, Memory, Organization, Mental Flexibility, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Complex Computational Skills, Visual-Spatial Skills, Reading Comprehension, Auditory Comprehension, Receptive Language, Written Language, Safety Awareness, and numerous other proprietary skills effecting overall cognitive performance, only offered by Think Again Speak Again Therapy. 

• Academic Assistance

• Vocational Assistance

Video: Understanding your Diagnosis’ Impact on Your Brain


High risk Alert! As finally covered by mainstream press, the following sports are encouraged to be proactive regarding testing and treatment:

Football players and Boxers of all ages and stages of your career are provided with discrete, confidential testing and tools needed to maintain cognitive health and prevent further deterioration.  Call now for a confidential, free consultation.


Athlete Info: Concussions and the NFL’s Concussion Crisis _ FRONTLINE _ PBS

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