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General Phone Consultation

Still not sure what services you need or where to start? Start here.

Some deficits can go unnoticed. Let us guide you through these changes with the proper steps while plasticity is possible.

Full Consultation 

Perhaps you or a loved one need direction on what to do about the current and/or upcoming wants and needs as it pertains to brain injury, development, swallowing, assessment, intervention, prognosis, and/or discharge. Let’s dissect your individual situation and all contributing factors for guidance.

Talk Therapy Counseling 

Inclusive therapy specializing in medical debriefing, stress, coping, anxiety, relationship building, transitions, bereavement, and creating safe work place spaces. Get assistance from an objective confidential ear and board certified professional. Let’s talk about it.

Counseling for families affected by brain injury 

Share the Burden. Often times, healing , understanding, and creating a conducive rehabilitation environment requires educating and addressing more than solely the identified patient. Family members, spouses, close friends, and even educators often need to be abroad, participating, and supporting.

Behavior Modification Program 

A tried and true proven effective program to get rid of unwanted behaviors fast.

Post Brain Injury Evaluation 

Cognitive skills commonly affected include problem solving, reasoning, temperament, safety awareness, processing speed, attention, calculations, memory, & more. Deficits directly affect your ability to care and provide for yourself and your family. What if I feel fine? Deficits in these areas easily go unnoticed. Many individuals are not put in situations which test these skills until returning to work, school, or gradually resuming other responsibilities. Therefore, speedy evaluation is highly recommended.

Post Brain Injury Treatment Session 

Therapy is imperative immediately after a brain jury, no matter the cause. The days to months following a brain injury are the most critical time to intervene to ensure cognitive impairments are not overlooked and that cognitive impairments do not remain permanent. The period in the months immediately after a brain injury is known as the time in which the brain has the most plasticity or ability to change. Therapy should be most aggressive as needed during this initial period.

BRAIN fIX Workbook 

OUR BEST SELLER. Essential Binder of comprehensive cognitive exercises to continue recovery at home. It’s your on demand therapist. You can work at your own pace in addition to receiving traditional therapy services and/or continue using these materials after discharge to continue and maintain skill building.
Choose a time for a screener of the materials right for you and your needs.

Swallow Evaluation 

Oral motor, hydration and nutrition of various consistencies trials, and behavioral analysis of swallowing.

Swallow Therapy 

Frequently choking on saliva and/or food is all to common as a result of several causes. However this is correctable in most cases. Let’s end this inconvenience for good.

Infant Swallow/Developmental Therapy 

Being delivered before term/premature, discharged from the NICU, and/or having several developmental differences often come with associated swallow difficulties. Make sure that you have guidance post discharge so that you are not suffering silently from treatable symptoms.

Picky Eaters Club 

Individualized feeding assessment and intervention plan combo.

CranioFacial and Cleft Palate Therapy 

Assessment and treatment post effects of craniofacial differences and/or surgery.

Voice Assessment and Therapy Combo 

Relief for vocal changes, fatigue, nodules, polyps, hoarse and harsh quality.

Early Intervention Evaluation (infant and toddlers) 

Time sensitive evaluation and start of services for at infants at risk and toddlers at risk of not meeting developmental milestones.

Early Intervention Therapy (infant and toddlers) 

Play therapy to bridge the gap between chronological age and developmental age.

Live Virtual Early Intervention Step by Step Guidance 

During the demands of social distancing and sheltering in place to stay safe, we developed a step by step coaching program in place of weekly in person visits. Most programs have developed a coaching model based on the research for effectiveness of Early Intervention Models therefore I simply coach you through the session as I would if in person. We understand that acquisition of early intervention services is time sensitive, therefore the Live Virtual Support decreases wait times and provides Tx on demand.

Kids’ Activities Pack 

Independent and guided activities to continue learning between sessions.


Your child my benefit from additional Speech-Language-Cognition Services. Our goal is to identify and address needs ​prior to entering the school system. Fill out this form to initiate screening, evaluation, and therapy as needed in the daycare setting.

Apply for a year worth of free/sponsored therapy sessions

*Must have a Traumatic Brain or Spinal Cord related injury.
*Must have exhausted other modes of coverage.
*Must be a legal Resident of Georgia.

(Coverage includes but not limited to Accidental Falls, Accidental strike/impact by an object/person, Motor Vehicle accidents, Assault, Self-inflicted Injuries, Sports and Recreational related injuries.)

Schedule a time to briefly discuss you or a loved one’s eligibility and completion of required forms.

Writers’ Table: Film and Media Production Consulting / Guest Speaker 

Add an expert dual certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Brain Injury Specialist, Psychologist perspective to your mission.
Schedule time of event and/or meeting to discuss your needs.