What items can I have made?

  • Anything! Legal, that can be delivered online or shipped via mail.

When can I make requests?

  • 24 hours an day seven days a week, 365 days a year.

I don’t see the product I want made listed in on the Size Chart/Measurement Guide.

  • For all items and if the product you desire is not listed, simply measure ALL desired sides and angles, record, and include in your Creative Brief.

I don’t have any measuring tape.

  • Printable measuring tape is provided on the ‘Measure Guide’ page. Feel free to print and use at your leisure. You can also order measuring tape from us for future orders.

What if I don’t know how to take measurements?

  • The Measurement Guide provides beginner to advanced level instructions for how to measure. Even the most novice shall find measuring easy using this guide.

What if I forgot to include some important details in my the create brief ?

  • No worries, simply enter your Project Code and additional instructions on the ‘Contact Us” page.

How does the protective clothing work?

  • The Protective garments are made with our patent pending material, stitching, and design to limit unsolicited access to your private parts. Each protective garment is lockable for your protective convenience.

I can’t find my project.

  • It is most effective to search for your project by the “Project Code” provided at the last page of checkout, the Confirmation page.

How soon should I select a designer?

  • Designers have an opportunity to bid on your project immediately. If you want more of a selection of bidders, you may want to allow reasonable time for more designers to log-on and find your project.

Can I return the product if it doesn’t fit?

  • It is very important to take and supply accurate measurements and describe the desired finished product in great detail for error-proof work. If the product is not made to your satisfaction, let us know immediately so that we may facilitate a correction or full refund.