Our History

Headline News“Former Runway Model turned Entrepreneur” makes designers from the span of her career available to the masses.  

“I have this intrepid arsenal of fierce designers at my fingertips,” reported the former model, who now answers to a new title, Dr. Chappell.  Dr. Chappell has created a mail-to-order platform bringing customers to designers and designers to customers. “The up and coming designers striving to get their names out there inspired me the most. They had so much talent and such amazing work ethic. I wanted to help more than just displaying the clothes on my then rail thin frame,” reported Dr. Chappell. 

Dr. Chappell has also launched a Service Division supplying discrete, online requested services such as Coping Therapy Sessions, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, and edible tools for individuals no longer safe to eat, as this former runway model is also a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Psychologist.

“We have offered discrete, dignity insured products and services to high-end clientele for over a decade.  But rest assured, we do not name drop.”

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